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Monagi is French alternative pop from Belgium lead by composer and musician Jess Jacob. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Serge Gainsbourg, David Bowie, Patrick Watson and Warhaus, Monagi weaves together a tapestry of filmic textures, infectious melodies, and hauntingly melancholic undertones that leave an indelible impression. With a pulsating rhythm section that serves as the band's heartbeat, and the captivating vocals of Jess, Monagi commands your attention from the very first note. The band is composed of six musicians, including members and former members of Isaac Roux, Patches, Ão, Empty Apartments, and Tout Va Bien.


Monagi's debut EP, 'Tout ce temps,' composed of 7 tracks, was released on October 6th 2023. 'Tout ce temps' is a collage representing Jess's life over the past 5 years, dedicated to the pursuit of a new musical identity while simultaneously navigating the challenge of maintaining one's artistic integrity in the face of external opinions.

"Tout ce temps" was warmly received by in their 'Musique en bref' edition of October 2023. Throughout this release, Monagi had the opportunity to perform as the opening act for the Belgian band Zimmerman.

Notable mentions


November 2nd 2023 Monagi played the support show of Zimmerman at Café Café Hasselt.

This was an intimate duo performance created for future support shows and small settings. 


Monagi's first EP "Tout ce temps" got featured in's "Musique en bref" 

"Dès les premières notes de Tout ce temps, il est évident que nous sommes à l’aube d’une expérience musicale singulière."


"La signature vocale du chanteur, si distinctive, se mêle avec audace aux tonalités vibrantes de piano et de guitare. On est rapidement emporté par cette déferlante musicale où la mélancolie se mêle à l’énergie, faisant de cet EP une sortie à ne pas manquer cette année."

Coups de cœur : Tout ce temps, Danse dorée.

Romane Frange


Eden De Wit



Alexander D'Hiet


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