Monagi is French alternative pop from Belgium lead by composer and musician Jess Jacob. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Serge Gainsbourg, David Bowie, Patrick Watson and Warhaus, Monagi weaves together a tapestry of filmic textures, infectious melodies, and hauntingly melancholic undertones that leave an indelible impression. With a pulsating rhythm section that serves as the band's heartbeat, and the captivating vocals of Jess, Monagi commands your attention from the very first note. The band is composed of six musicians, including members and former members of Isaac Roux, Patches, Ão, Empty Apartments, and Tout Va Bien.


Born in Brussels and raised bilingual, Jess found solace in writing in French - a language that resonated with him and provided a deeply personal and intriguing perspective. At just 19, he was given the remarkable opportunity to perform as the opening act for iconic musicians such as Arno, Black Box Revelation, Eric Burdon, and Novastar at legendary venues including Ancienne Belgique, KVS, Beursschouwburg, Paradiso, and Doornroosje.

In the aftermath of a difficult breakup and struggles with addiction, Jess withdrew from the world to focus on his writing and personal growth. Drawing inspiration from his own experiences and poignant themes that touch us all, this period of introspection resulted in what we can hear today. 


The latest release from Monagi, "Amour, amour," delves into a complex portrayal of two characters caught in a narcissistic dance. Fuelled by his own experiences and inspired by the toxic patterns he witnessed growing up, Jess crafts a poignant story that explores the darker side of love. Together with producer and mixing engineer Jolan Decaestecker, they build a rich soundscape that weaves together ominous undertones, alluring vocals and entrancing beats, leaving you both captivated and unsettled.


This track is one of many to come, his debut EP is due in fall 2023.